Bout That Life

Wasted Faith

Frankie Floyd

Sunday 7.15.18

What is faith without works? In this week’s message, Frankie Floyd concludes our “Bout That Life” series by creatively unpacking what it means to actually put our faith into action.

Freedom in Relationship

Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 7.08.18

True freedom is found in healthy relationship. Robby Ratcliffe breaks down how we experience this freedom as we continue to learn what it means to be “Bout That Life.”

Borrowed Time

Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 7.01.18

Do we plan our lives around God, or try to fit God into our plans? In this week’s message, Robby Ratcliffe looks at both sides of this question.

Artificial Intelligence

Frankie Floyd

Sunday 6.24.18

The world’s definition of intelligence and God’s perspective of wisdom are not synonymous. Frankie Floyd helps us distinguish between the two in this week’s message.

Speak Life

Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 6.10.18

Robby Ratcliffe speaks about how the right word at the right time can change someone’s day, but the right language can change someone’s life.

Be About it

Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 6.03.18

Robby Ratcliffe speaks about how God’s Word shows in us as we get to know it.

Box the Compass

Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 5.27.18

Robby Ratcliffe speaks about how we are steered by the desires of our hearts.

The Pleasure in Pain

Frankie Floyd

Sunday 5.20.18

Frankie Floyd speaks about how we should deal with the struggles of life.