The One Jesus Loves

The One

Dr. Robert Crosby

Sunday 12.16.18

John the disciple was with Jesus during some of His most intimate times. This week, Dr. Robert Crosby, author of the book in which our series is based, “The One Jesus Loves”, joins us by sharing how we, too, can have this same intimacy with Jesus.

The Inner Circle

Pastor Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 12.09.18

The inner three were the only ones invited to the mountaintop with Jesus but they were also the only ones asked to go to Gethsemane with Him. In this week’s message, Pastor Robby Ratcliffe describes the benefits and the costs of joining Christ’s inner circle.

The Team of Twelve

Pastor Frankie Floyd

Sunday 12.02.18

Jesus sent the seventy to go out but He invited the twelve to come and follow Him. As we continue our “The One Jesus Loves” series, Pastor Frankie Floyd shares how we are able to walk with Christ when we follow His call.

Serving with the Seventy

Pastor Frankie Floyd

Sunday 11.18.18

The seventy represent those who follow Jesus to the places of working and serving. This week, Pastor Frankie Floyd continues our series with an impactful message describing how God moves us from observation to participation.

The Faith of the 5000

Pamela Crosby

Sunday 11.11.18

When it comes to our walk with Christ, the 5000 represent those who follow Jesus to the places of healing and provision. Special Guest Pamela Crosby continues our “The One Jesus Loves” series with an inspiring message demonstrating how God calls us these closer places.

Caught in the Crowds

Robby Ratcliffe

Sunday 11.04.18

Just like there are degrees of relationship with people, there are degrees of relationship with God. Pastor Robby Ratcliffe opens our “The One Jesus Loves” series with a powerful message showing how it is to connect with God from the crowd.